Friday, January 02, 2015

Come back, you racist pigs!

DC Trawler: "OUT: ‘Go Away, Cops!’ IN: ‘Where Did You Go, Cops?’"


Anonymous said...

What a stupid, stupid link. It offers no example of anyone saying "Where did you go, cops?". Let alone some hypocritical liberal who was chanting "I can't breathe" 2 weeks ago.

Who ARE these imaginary people doing a 180 and begging for the cops' "return"? The ones not currently receiving summons for open carry beer violations or parking tickets? Because that's all that's happening. The police are still on the job. They haven't actually gone anywhere. If the cops had been doing this same clerical protest last summer, everyone would be a whole lot happier (and less dead) today.

One year after Bill De Blasio took office, New York City's "stop and frisk" numbers have literally plunged from over 685,000 in 2013 to over 50,000. And yet, the city's crime rate has dropped across the board. The Daily Caller's gleeful fantasy that the NYPD's taking a break from issuing $50 fines has left the people cringing in two-faced fear is weird and pitiful.

Eric said...

Well this will decide the "broken windows" theory of policing and law & order. Let's see what Big Perm has to say:

"He does not approve of the police slow down, like most people I spoke to. Big Perm worries that the lack of policing the “small fry” will lead to more crimes by “big fry.” In the meantime, he is keeping his children at home."

Wise move, Big Perm.

Anonymous said...

Beyond the fact that most data contradicts claims of the “broken windows” success history, this NYPD protest will be over long before it creates any longterm effects to measure.

The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher very much wants to make this all about his imaginary whining lefties. (“That’s what they do. That’s all they do.”) But it wasn’t lefties who were whining about what would ensue as soon as NYC’s “stop and frisk” policy was ended. And it’s not lefties who are dismayed by 2014’s statistical crime results.

Meanwhile, if we can move away from the stupid screaming lefties for a moment, can you think of a single small-government libertarian objection to the details of this police slowdown?

Eric said...

Yeah: they should get rid of the police union.