Monday, January 19, 2015

"Black lives matter" protesters pay no mind

Via Gateway Pundit, we have confirmation that the protesters who shut down a major Boston artery last week are about what you'd expect: "White #BlackLivesMatter Boston Protesters Found Living with Parents in Luxury Mansions."  Needless to say, they are untethered to the responsibilities of a job, which makes this story from yesterday's Boston Globe all the more infuriating: health care workers at a chemotherapy clinic lost wages when they didn't clock in on time:
Some of her friends, most of them, like her, women of color, weren’t as lucky. They got stuck in the mess and were hours late for work. They are paid by the hour and the hours that they don’t work are hours they aren’t paid.
“She was worried about the patients who were late,” Linskey said. “She was worried about her friends who were late and would lose pay. And she wondered what she would have done if she had lost a couple of hours of pay because people claiming to speak for her had done what they had done.”
Congratulations, hippies.  You are exactly the kind of people we thought you were.

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