Thursday, September 04, 2014

Fast food protesters in Boston almost hit double digits

I heard the story on NPR this afternoon that a sum total of eight actual fast-food workers demonstrated for a $15 minimum wage in Boston today, surrounded by a hundred professional protesters from the SEIU.  The Springfield Republican paints the scene:
The protesters initially sat in in the middle of Washington Street in Downtown Crossing looking for police to arrest them.
When it became apparent that they would not be arrested by police the protesters moved to the intersection of Congress and State streets in the Financial District where they were arrested in an orderly manner within 15 minutes of their arrival.
Before his arrest, Wendelly Innocent, 18, a Dunkin Donuts employee, said that fast workers were willing to do whatever it takes to improve their situation.
"We just want to get $15 an hour and a union," said Innocent.
"Willing to do whatever it takes."  Uh-huh.

Extra - Enjoy your $8 Big Mac.

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