Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Another "Fact Check" bites the dust

Remember when both Politifact and the Fact Checker were both doing their worst to make sure Americans need not believe their lying eyes when it comes to Obamacare?  Let's flashback to Glenn Kessler's Fact Checker of Sept. 2012: "The bogus claim that Obama skips his intelligence briefings."  Why?  Because instead of sitting down with a CIA briefer, Obama swears to heaven he's reading the PDB.

This led to a rebuttal by Kessler's WashPost colleague Marc Thiessen: "A bogus defense of Obama's intelligence briefing record."

Now the news is out that Obama received extensive briefings on the threat of ISIS, long before he waved them away as "JV".  Did Obama have a long conversation with his National Security Team before overruling them with regard to pro-active measures?  Or, as Ace suspects, did he just not read the briefings:
Incidentally, read further in the article and you'll see that the President never asked for additional information about IS. He read the daily briefings (or the White House claims he did, at least), but apparently had no further questions he wanted to ask anyone about.
You know, the way curious, intellectually-lively people never ask questions about important and interesting things.
It makes the "no strategy" gaffe easier to believe when there's no strategy.


Anonymous said...

Remember when you were approvingly citing both Politifact and the Fact Checker?



Those columns are incredibly accurate whenever they tell me what I want to hear!

Eric said...

Yeah, I remember, since I linked it in this post.

Fractious Fact Checking said...

The tap dancing is beginning to have a whiff of desperation to it.