Tuesday, June 24, 2014

MA Supreme Court: Let the people speak

In 2011, the Massachusetts State House passed a law legalizing gambling because, hey, we need cash.  Despite my libertarian leanings, I've always been against casinos since they are an immoral pathway to graft, corruption and predation on people who can least afford to gamble.

More recently, anti-casino activists have been trying to get a referendum on the ballot to let the people of Massachusetts vote directly on the question of casinos.  Up until now, that exercise in democracy has been blocked by the Patrick administration as unconstitutional.  The argument from Boston is that now that we've lured casinos to pay fees and advertise (and bribe) to vie for a spot in the Bay State it would be wrong to turn around and say "never mind."  Well, today, the Supreme Judicial Court disagreed:
The Supreme Judicial Court has cleared the way for a showdown on the ballot this fall over the 2011 state law that legalized casino gambling in Massachusetts.
The SJC ruled 7-0 on Tuesday that the question should have a spot on the November ballot, disagreeing with Attorney General Martha Coakley's argument that the law was unconstitutional.
I'm so happy, almost as happy when the nearby town of Palmer turned down a bid by Mohegan Sun.  Sign me up for a "no" bumper sticker.

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