Monday, June 16, 2014

Brave, brave Hillary

Allegedly named after the intrepid mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, the former Secretary of State is going to speak her mind, consequences be damned!  Hot Air: "Famous Clinton courage exhibited in Hillary’s answer to Keystone question: ‘I can’t respond"


We are the 50.1% said...

Policy by poll result? Terrific idea! Conservatibes get their Keystone pipeline, and we immediately trade Bergdahl back for the same five thugs. In return, liberals get acknowledgment of global warming and greenhouse gas regulation, gay marriage, immigration reform, repeal of insincere "voter fraud" laws, federal responses to income inequality including tax hikes for the rich, abortion access, legalized pot, expansion (rather than cuts) to Social Security and Medicare, protected unionization, federal funding for job creation regardless of its effect on the debt, yanking troops out of unpopular wars, and nearly every individual component of Obamacare (although we can't call it "Obamacare" anymore). The polls have been calculated, and the people have spoken. Also, Justin Bieber gets the boot, and we all have to agree that there are real angels fluttering just above us.

Nearly every individual said...

How can we really know how the public truly feels about any issue, though? One potential respondent on the Keystone pipeline question was quoted in the article as saying "I can't respond".

So until everyone feels free to actually give their opinions, we are only guessing.

Anonymous said...

The Party of No (Comment)

Anonymous said...

When there was an anonymous vote on gay marriage in the most liberal state, California... it was voted down by the majority. Anybody who stated they were against gay marriage was publicly shamed. People say one thing in public to survive the politically correct culture, but do another when they don't have to disclose their true beliefs. If you think the majority of the country is for all of those liberal things you are sadly mistaken.

We are the 50.1% said...

A) That was six years ago, when it got 52%. Pre-election polling showed California's gay marriage ban garnering 47-48% support. That extra 5% must have been the silent majority you pin all your hopes on.

B) You just neatly showed why "it's ahead in these polls" isn't a rock upon which to justify policy, particularly unconstitutional policy. Has yet another state court overturned its marriage ban since I started typing this sentence?

C) You start leaning on polls, and on issue after issue you lose your whole "this is a center-right country" meme. Tread lightly, Hank.