Friday, October 25, 2013

Well this is interesting

Business Week: "Obama's top economic adviser tells Democrats they'll have to swallow entitlement cuts."  Reading the article it's hard to tell if this is the Administration floating a trial balloon or if Gene Sperling is acknowledging the inevitable insolvency of entitlement programs from a personal standpoint.

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Anonymous said...

The White House didn’t push this as a newsmaking event... In his usual elliptical and prolix way, Sperling seemed... as if he were laying the groundwork... He seemed to hint... All emphasis is mine... That’s a vague, guarded, jargon-y Washington way of saying... I took [it] to mean... None of what Sperling said was entirely new... Sperling smiled a little awkwardly and said something about how he’d love to negotiate with me. (Not sure what that was about.) But he didn’t rule a deal out...

This is the most dramatic moment in U.S. politics since FDR said, "The only thing we have to fear is, well, 'fear' is a strong word, but there are some who have expressed concern, I'm not necessarily saying I'm one of them, I'm just wary about emotions that can run high on occasion, sometimes to our detriment."