Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Stuff happened today

Sometimes I get home and wonder what's there to add to the mountain of commentary that's already been spread all around the Internet.  I think the shutdown is a peevish maneuver.  Count me as somebody who believes that Congress's primary responsibility is to fund the government.  Congress works for like 20 weeks a year and they can't pass a budget, which is why we keep pinballing from one continuing resolution crisis to another.  Unbelievably, even this CR that Congress is currently fighting over only funds the government for 11 weeks and then the fight starts all over again.

Meanwhile, after three-and-a-half years to prepare, the signature legislation of this Administration rolled out on a wave of glitches.  You know it's bad when an MSNBC reporter can't sign up for the Obamacare exchange online and then is put on hold for a half-hour.  Meanwhile, Judicial Watch has sued over Obama's arbitrary enforcement of his own law.

And here's a headline from my old wheelhouse Social Security: "Obama picks Romney aide who knocked his Social Security plan for Social Security board."  This is the advisory board that Obama ignores anyway, so it's pretty meaningless.

How about those Pittsburgh Pirates?  Good on them.

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Anonymous said...

and then is put on hold for a half-hour

Not sure how first-day overload accords with the law being wildly unpopular.

It will take years, but I look forward to the end of focus-tested, anecdotal B.S. Whether it's the supposedly inspirational signees standing behind Obama with their shiny new coverage to "put a human face on the law," or whether it's the endless drizzle of "look at the terrible thing a just-begun program affecting 300 million people is doing to this one selected person and will therefore do to the other 299,999,999 of us" articles, only a chump could swallow it. Yet strangely, he only swallows half of it.