Friday, October 11, 2013

An underrated Tarantino film

I got nothing to say, news-wise.  It's gonna go to the wire then there will be a kick-the-can moment.  In the meantime, "Jackie Brown" is on IFC right now.  What a great film, what a great soundtrack.


Proposition Joke said...

The wire was a week and a half ago.

They came at the king, and they missed.

Anonymous said...

I will grant you that he apparently thinks he is the King. It will take decades to recover from this fiasco of an administration.

Amnesia the Beautiful said...

Uh huh, Obama is the worst president of our lifetimes. (We're all just four years old here, right?)

Tell 'im, other quote from "The Wire":

"You put fire to everything you touch, then you walk away while it burns."

But stay hopeful. The Republicans still have a "Wire" quote to hang onto:

"Maybe the whole thing is over, and no one bothered to tell us. Maybe we won."