Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Profile in courage

Here's our idiot Senator Elizabeth Warren standing up for civil rights...or not:
U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren says federal prosecutors need to "find the right balance" in deciding whether to read Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights.
Huh?  Must be fancy Harvard-talk.


Anonymous said...

As opposed to "I support civil unions, but marriage is between a man and a woman, and anyway, gay marriage is a resolved issue in Massachusetts"?

(Not a direct quote, which is for the best. Because a position that catchy would never have fit onto Sen. Brown's truck bumper.)

Eric said...

Maybe they should have said: "You have the right to remain taciturn."

It's not black or white... it's Brown. said...

Scott Brown killing it at the debates:
"I'm sure there'll be a role for government, and at some point, government needs to get out of the way, as well." (actual quote)

"We should stop putting financial pressure on oil companies... I'm no friend of big oil."
(two-quote blend from single debate)

(Do splunges count if they're not about civil rights?)