Thursday, April 25, 2013

Die Kinder sind gut - The German kids are all right..and they're working.  NPR: "The secret to Germany's low youth unemployment."  The secret is internships and apprenticeships, keeping the wheels of commerce turning.  (Hat tip: Maggie's Place.)

Meanwhile, almost everywhere else is Generation Jobless.


Krugman stinks said...

Cut that debt! Slash and shrink! Austerity now!

Anonymous said...

Italy's brand new prime minister announced that his country has had enough of its failed experiment with austerity. The free market reacted to this change of policy with... well, silence. No angry EU counter-rhetoric, no threatened change to interest rates on Italian bonds, no nuthin'.

We in the U.S. will wise up eventually. But first it seems that some people are incurably curious about pursuing 1937 V.2. Best not to jump to any premature, repeatedly proven historical conclusions.