Monday, April 22, 2013

NYC says "Let's help out the mob" - Hit & Run: "NYC considers hiking cigarette age in apparent effort to boost black market."  "Assuming that your goal is to get everybody to go to the black market, what else can you do to nudge retailers and smokers to deal with the guys selling off the back of trucks? Well, how about raising the smoking age — effectively imposing prohibition on some existing smokers so that they have to go underground to get their smokes? That's the plan in New York City, where officials, including a leading mayoral candidate, want to rase the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21."

I'm going to go against my libertarian friends here in support of this new age restriction since it will lead to a precipitous drop in tax revenues from death sticks.  It's up to you, New York.

Extra - Andrew Stuttaford: "Revolting."

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