Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take that, Standard and Poors! - "Anybody who says America is in decline is a poopy-head!"  I may have paraphrased there.


Anonymous said...

"The state of the union is as limp and floppy as a fried noodle."
--George W. Bush

"The state of the union? WHAT state? WHAT union?"
--Bill Clinton

"The state of the union is up sh*t's creek without a paddle."
--George Bush Sr.

"The state of the... oh hell, sell your children for parts."
--Ronald Reagan

Am I quoting correctly? Did Barack Obama's vapid optimism shatter the preexisting SOTU formula?

Eric at work said...

Well, it's a far cry from "The state of our nation is strong!" to "Who says we're in decline? Liars!"