Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nixonian - So much for hope and change. Big Government: "President Obama's updated enemies list." You're on it, Ed Gillespie! And it looks like you're next, Anthony Romero.


Anonymous said...

That pitiful article isn't even up to Breitbart's fine standards.

Ignatius McGillicutty Nottacrook said...

The funny part is that these dunces would have been the first ones flogging their blogs for Richard Nixon back in the day. Skipping that, the "Enemies List II!!!" premise is all kinds of feeble.

But you know what really was "Nixonian"? Universal government-run health care with an employer mandate.


Richard Nixon, the ultimate RINO.

Eric said...

With the whole health care debate, I honestly had not heard of the Nixon plan.


Vermont Woodchuck said...

That was the health care plan he proposed during the kitchen debate with Khrushchev. The famous retaliatory we'll bury you with health care. You don't remember that one?

All the Progginonymous respondents do.

Fogey Carmichael said...

Um... what? Another dose of inscrutably gutbusting conservative satire?