Saturday, March 06, 2010

Rock 'n roll - It's a slow news night so maybe it's time for a stream of consciousness post. So tonight I've come to praise one of my all-time favorite artists: Graham Parker.

I've seen Graham Parker the three times he's come to the Northampton area for a concert. Once with the Figgs, another time with a mix of backup artists, and the last time was a solo acoustic performance at the Iron Horse. He's a great talent who puts on a fantastic show, so catch him if you can. He deserves much more fame than he's received over his career.

Amazon list right here. Check out "Squeezing out Sparks" and "The Mona Lisa's Sister", fer sure.

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MTGlass said...

The Real Macaw is the one for me. "Life Gets Better" (great 80's music video) and "You Can't Take Love For Granted".