Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran - Review and continuous update at Hot Air.

I know that some are annoyed at Obama (ice cream, anyone?) for his measured response to the Iran crisis, but I really don't know what the United States could do about the unrest over there. On the one hand, we want to stand up for freedom and democracy but then we don't want to play into the mullahs' hands by intervening in Iran's internal affairs. Frankly, cellphone cameras and the Internet are the greatest weapons against the Islamic theocracy right now. Let the truth out.

More - Gateway Pundit is all Iran right now. Keep scrolling.

Update (6/21) - It looks like Peggy Noonan largely agrees with me.

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Peggy Noonan said...

Oh, I have reservations about reviewing the Iran election results. Sometimes in life you wanna just keep walking. History has changed. Sometimes, I think, just keep walking. Some of life just has to be mysterious.