Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pass the popcorn, again - Wow, the Left side of this presidential election has everything: identity politics run amok, another Florida voting disaster, Hillary trying to override the "will of the people" and now Daily Kos diarists going on strike. Can I get a Dean Scream Amen, my brothers?

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Anonymous said...

Zzzzz.... as if it's a BAD thing when message board colleagues don't march in lockstep.

It'll be a "meltdown" when prominent leftist personalities announce they're supporting McCain in protest. (I don't think "Alegre" counts.)

P.S. if it came to it, Hillary could strangle Obama during the next debate, spend the rest of the campaign carrying his big-eared skull on a pole like a war chieftain, and she'd STILL beat the Republicans in 2008.