Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bearing arms and disarming bears

I listened to the C-Span re-air of the Supreme Court arguments today on the gun case Heller v. District of Columbia and the back-and-forth was absolutely riveting. As Supreme Court cases go, this is major league originalism or, in the phrasing of one wag, "Justice Scalia's Stanley Cup." Slate's outstanding Supreme Court reporter Dahlia Lithwick has a review.

More - SCOTUSblog!

Also, my favorite moment was when Justice Scalia revealed his knowledge of firearms: "You mean you can't have more arms than you would need to take with you to the militia? You can't have...a turkey gun and a duck gun and a 30.06 and a 270..." The "30.06" is pronounced "thirty aught six" for the record.

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