Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Viking health care

It's not so good in Sweden where waiting times are the longest in Europe, leading some people to (*gasp*) pay for private care. The socialists are upset at this turn of events:

"The new hospital for the children of the upper classes is a mockery of the most fundamental values of the Swedish system,'' said Lars Ohly, leader of the Swedish Left Party. "Care should be given based on needs, not wallets.''
In their defense, the Swedes have the second highest life expectancy at birth in the world (after San Marino) but also the highest tax rate in Europe. This is the polar opposite of "Live Free or Die."


Anonymous said...

News flash! Socialized health care has drawbacks!

This just in! Privatized health care has drawbacks!

Both sides: "Maybe our system sucks, but at least we're not like THOSE idiots!"

Anonymous said...

Our system DOESN't suck. We're just a nation full of people who would rather eat cheetos & pound a six-pack while enjoying to smooth richness of camel cigarettes, than pay for health care.

It's THEIR choice not to, and they're free to make it. Just don't ask me to pay for their stupid choices.

skeneogden said...

Us Californian's just dodged the socialized medicine bullet when the state Senate committee in charge of such things was only able to muster one vote in favor.

Projected cost overruns on the $14 billion plan were projected as high as 20% in the first two years. The phenomenal costs and lack of a clear vision for "universal health care" will probably keep it way on the back burner here in the U.S.

My thinking is that the government will sneak it in the back door via small, targeted, incremental programs that will all one day be merged into one mega health care plan.

An incredibly sincere person said...

Yes, thank the good Lord that such a plan has never passed in America.

Because it hasn't, we hardworking citizens don't pay ANYTHING in taxes for the health problems of others. What a relief!