Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democratic sweep - Well, it was everything we were warned about. The House was lost a long time ago but now it looks like the Senate is also lost, from Virginia to Missouri to Montana.

Montana! Virginia! Ohio!

Oh, congratulations, GOP, on capturing Tennessee [sarcastic clapping]

I'm beyond upset. I can't express myself adequately because I'm tired and filled with wine. But, be forewarned, the GOP gave this election away. HANDED IT AWAY. So stop sending me fundraising letters. It's bad enough we lost control, but we lost it because the GOP failed to hold true to conservative values.

Just. Like. That.

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Anonymous said...

No, you lost it because of incompetents and hooligans who came to believe their own 51% mandate B.S., stood without embarrassment in the spotlight, and sneered, "Who's going to stop us?"

Question answered. And answered. And answered, in dozens of fed-up states. Give Rumsfeld his Super Medal of Eternal Glorious Patriotism and Spotless Achievement, and then BOOT his sorry butt.

Three cheers for Karl Rove, who still has the knack for illegal phone pranks, but who also thought it would be a fine idea to send Bush out everyday to yell "Iraq, Iraq, Iraq" and "no change, no change." Thus focusing voters' attention on the very thing bleeding the GOP's hopes from coast to coast.

Not a single Democratic incumbent will lose... not a Senator, not a Governor, not a Representative. Unprecedented! Rovey, you did a heck of a job!

Apparently that yearlong Fitzmas distraction did the Dems some good after all.

Every year, the 255th and last college football player chosen in the NFL draft is given the sarcastic honorific "Mr. Irrelevant." Given the performance of the unstoppable GOP "ground game," the name's a perfect fit for the concussed quarterback George W. Bush.

Tonight is the end of the Bush Presidency, but it's a beautiful, beautiful night for our nation.