Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Scooter Libby case is unraveling

That seems to be the consensus of those who really follow this case much more closely than the FDA recommends. The Wall Street Journal rebuffed the special prosecutor in an editorial today while AJ Strata and Tom Maguire piled on. Here’s a key excerpt:

The prosecutor comes close here to suggesting that senior government officials have no right to fight back against critics who make false allegations. To the extent our editorial is germane to this trial, in fact, it's because it puts Mr. Libby's actions into a broadly defensible context that Mr. Fitzgerald refuses to acknowledge.
If Libby’s case is in this much trouble, it’s hard to see how a (second) grand jury can indict Karl Rove. But who knows how these grand juries work? Cynthia McKinney’s grand jury has been meeting for two months trying to figure out if she slapped a cop.

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