Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lileks on Kos

You know, I finally click on a Daily Kos link, and I find this. (First item. Profanity warning.) Well, that certain refutes the totality of the man’s work, no? The gall: a man who did not enlist in the Army has the bald rude temerity to write about a Las Vegas blogger convention. The next thing you know, people with no experience in oceanography will be writing classical music reviews. I do like the swearing, though. You hear so little cursing these days you forget how well it works. I never visit that site, but that one entry makes me suspect he’s really hardcore and brash and genuine and FEARLESS. As Homer once wrote: I am interested in his ideas, and would like to subscribe to his newsletter.
BTW, there’s a new Screedblog today. Sometimes I think Lileks could write a grocery list (pick up milk, yogurt) and he’d get a thousand links.

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