Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Massachusetts politicians lose influence

From the Boston Globe: “Bay State delegation copes with a new reality Clout diminished in GOP Congress”:

The 109th Congress was sworn in yesterday, and amid the pomp, circumstance, and flashbulbs throughout the Capitol, the state's all-Democratic congressional delegation found itself further out of power than at any time in the past half-century.
There’s some karmic justice at work here. Ted Kennedy finagled the biggest sinkhole of pork in history: the $15 billion Big Dig. That leaky testimony to the folly of pork-laden federal projects, which is still siphoning highway funds from Western Massachusetts, stands as reason enough to take power away from Bay State politicians.

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jaws said...

Seems fitting that the Bay State's junior senator also happens to be AWOL from the Senate as it opens for the current session...
Talk about MA having less clout in Congress