Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Amazing Race - missed it!

OMG, I had no idea they had moved up the time slot for "TAR" tonight. I missed the whole thing. (At least I got a pretty good rundown on Television without Pity, where many posters were also upset to have missed tonight's episode.)

I just sent a message to CBS asking them to re-broadcast tonight's episode. (You can too.) Do it for my "TAR6"-crazed kids.


Anonymous said...

Dude. Check your comments. Wendy gave you a heads up in an earlier post.

- Owen

Wendy said...

Call the network and go all "Jonathan" on them. Yell them into submission. :-)

Eric said...

Yes, thanks to Wendy for the heads-up, but I took my kids to "Bright Nights" in Springfield and didn't get back until 9:05, convinced that I had only missed the recap of the last show.

I watch so little primetime TV that I didn't even look over the TV guide before we went out.

Maybe I'll take Wendy's advice and call CBS and just scream: "RACE RACE RACE RACE RACE!!!!"