Sunday, October 17, 2004

But we won the debates!

The recurrent theme among the Democratic operatives (Shrum, Devine, McAuliffe) on the Sunday shows today was that “John Kerry won all three debates.”

Hey, good for you guys. Now chew on this: Bush takes 8-point lead in Gallup poll among likely voters (52%-44%). Jonah Goldberg and I predicted as much after the third debate.


flehman said...

I agree the talking points are getting old! I also am tired of the left defending Kerry and Mary Cheney comment! Hypocracy and it's greatest!

Fritz's Thoughts

Anonymous said...

So funny! Keep rubbing it in, Eric. There's two weeks left and several more states for the debate loser Bush to take from Kerry. Bwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hip-hip-hooray for the polls that show Bush ahead! They capture the full scope of Republican support! Kerry's already hit his ceiling!

The polls that show Bush behind? Faulty methodology! Media bias! Bring me a different poll!

Likely voters beats electoral college! No, electoral college beats approval rating! Hold it, approval rating beats undecideds.... except for the 2 specifically-named undecideds in today's article quoted as leaning to Bush! Those 2 guys are totally GOLDEN!

Bush creamed Kerry in the debates! What's that? Kerry won? Who cares! Debates don't matter! Those poll numbers that mimic my preference prove it's so!

Anyway, the upcoming unemployment numbers will bury Kerry, unless they don't. This election is a referendum on George Bush, unless it isn't. Americans don't trust John Kerry, unless they do. It'll be a landslide, unless it's close.

Numbers! Bring me numbers! More numbers!

(Keep up the good work, but make sure your blood pressure stays at 120 over 80 or below (with a margin of error of +/-3.5%).)

Eric said...

"Are you sure Des won't mind?"

"Des doesn't care about anything*. He's a nihilist."

"Ah...must be exhausting."

* - except baseball

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Skepticism in a polling climate that simultaneously has Bush ahead AND down, today, by a combined total that's more than double the margin of error.... that's lowdown "nihilism." But climaxing over each favored poll result, while trying to beat down the bad numbers with a stick.... as all the while new, newer and newest numbers pop up every half-hour.... THAT'S informed punditry and good citizenship. I'm so ashamed that my reluctance to be a sucker makes me bad.

The baseball/polling comparison is an incredible stretch. But if you really want to compare these totally unrelated fields of interest, at least I KNOW that the Red Sox beat the Yankees 6-4 yesterday. The Sox didn't have the advantage in suburban districts, while the Yankees showed a slim edge in newly-registered fans, and it doesn't matter which team has the defense that voters trust to protect them.... either the players catch the ball, or they don't. 6-to-4 is a concrete, real-world result. It's not this swirling alchemy that has you so endlessly rapt.