Friday, January 30, 2004

The truth will out

Here’s Mort Kondracke in “Comeback Kerry now faces intense scrutiny of record”:

Although in speeches he claims to have "fought for" various causes in Congress, it's hard to name a major piece of legislation that bears his name.

. . . . . . .

The Boston Globe observed last year that in 1984, Kerry said he would cancel the B-1 bomber and the B-2 stealth bomber; the Apache helicopter; the Patriot missile; F-15, F-14 and Harrier jets; and the Aegis air-defense cruiser.

The Globe also reported that he advocated cuts in other systems, including the Abrams tank, Bradley fighting vehicle and Tomahawk missile, all critical to U.S. military success in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And while Kerry legitimately surrounds himself with fellow Vietnam War veterans and protests GOP cuts in veterans' programs, opponents point out that he never sought an appointment to the Veterans' Affairs Committee, where he could have had an impact on policy.

Too low-profile, right Senator?

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