Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Let’s get ready to rumble

Another blurb from that New Republic article:

Like I said, I see no reason to believe Kerry can take a punch.

Which closely mirrors my comment here about the thin-skinned Senator:

Take note when he is cornered in a debate: reflexively Kerry will bring up Vietnam as a means to shut off attack.

Now here’s Mark Steyn on how the Dems settled for Kerry and foreshadowing the pummeling he’s about to see now that he’s the bona-fide front runner:

When the unknown becomes known, his numbers slide and the media and the Dems go off in search of a new white knight. Last week, things were so desperate that the only fellow left for the white-knight role was John Kerry, Vietnam veteran and spouse of ketchup heiress Theresa Heinz. Hitherto, the somnolent Kerry had been written off as remote and detached, but these are small sins next to angry (Dean) and kooky (Clark). The Ketchup Kid is a default choice, the least unwhite knight. In the weeks ahead, he too will become known.

"What are you guys doing?
Puttin’ on the foil, coach!"

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