Sunday, March 24, 2019

Extinguish those Mueller votive candles, NY Times

Matt Taibbi (formerly of Rolling Stone) calls out the American press:
Stories have been coming out for some time now hinting Mueller’s final report might leave audiences “disappointed,” as if a President not being a foreign spy could somehow be bad news.

Openly using such language has, all along, been an indictment. Imagine how tone-deaf you’d have to be to not realize it makes you look bad, when news does not match audience expectations you raised. To be unaware of this is mind-boggling, the journalistic equivalent of walking outside without pants.

There will be people protesting: the Mueller report doesn’t prove anything! What about the 37 indictments? The convictions? The Trump tower revelations? The lies! The meeting with Don, Jr.? The financial matters! There’s an ongoing grand jury investigation, and possible sealed indictments, and the House will still investigate, and…

Stop. Just stop. Any journalist who goes there is making it worse.
This unvarnished bias was on display in the Sunday morning shows where Adam Schiff is still being allowed to peddle this hoax without serious pushback, following a pattern that started on November 9th, 2016.  Taibbi points out that Schiff cited the Steele dossier as gospel even though the Congressman knew it was unverified.  But the media was uninterested in that because Orange Man Bad:
For years, every hint the dossier might be true became a banner headline, while every time doubt was cast on Steele’s revelations, the press was quiet.
No kidding.  Somewhere in Prague, Michael Cohen's cellphone is pinging away.

Whatever you may think of Trump - and I'm no great fan - he's really exposed the fake news American press.


Robert Fisk said...

Hasn't the commi repeatedly lectured the Viking Pundit that the purpose of his blog is supposed to be to post about the important news of the day, allowing for the commi's rebuttal?

Yet strangely, with the many posts here about this important news story of the day and year, there is a deafening silence from the commi.

Why? hasn't Media Matters or BuzzFeed gotten a coherent narrative together yet that passes the laugh test?

Robert Fisk said...

Unindicted and Free : Donald Trump Jr.

Indicted and Arrested: Michael Avenatti

[Avenatti confidently predicted Don Jr. would be in jail by end of 2018.]

Eric said...

And the SPLC is imploding. What a great day.

Roger Bournival said...

MAGA - Michael Avenatti Got Arrested!

Anonymous said...

Haven't the majority Senate Republicans heard the news? Everything is finished!

Video of Jared Kushner leaving the Senate Intelligence Committee’s secure space, after secretly meeting with the committee about ??? for two and a half hours:

It was Opening Day. Probably they were discussing the Washington Nationals' starting pitching.