Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Counterpuncher

Here's Rich Lowry in the Corner: "The Out that Trump never permits himself."  Regarding the military family that was offended by Trump's phone call:
The normal thing to do in this situation would be for the person who said something that was taken the wrong way — especially when it is the president of the United States and the aggrieved party has just lost a loved one in uniform — to come back and say something like, “I really didn’t meant it the way you heard it and it pains me to think that I’ve in any way added to your distress. Please accept my apology and deepest condolences.”

If Trump could bring himself to do this, it would, 1) be the right thing to do; 2) instantly drain this controversy of much of its power; 3) win him praise, even from some unexpected quarters. But Trump can never give even a little ground, because any disagreement or criticism instantly becomes personal and the occasion for combat, no matter what the circumstance.
I don't know why this guy hasn't developed an emotional maturity that most people acquire by the time they're 15.  My working theory is that something happened when he went away to military school.  But, more and more, you're seeing Republicans like Corker, Ryan, and Bush giving notice that they're getting pretty sick of his...stuff.

The other day, referring to Trump's take-no-prisoners approach, somebody wrote: "We tried nice guys with McCain and Romney."  This is reading way too much into Trump's victory which was an aberration because he was facing a particularly un-liked opponent.  And even if it were true that Trump's combativeness helped him win the Presidency, it's become unseemly for a President.


Unknown said...

Look ... the left (the media) hate Trump for being not Hillary.

No matter what they will try and eviscerate him.

He has every right to verbally kick them in the nuts every day.

I enjoy it. I wish he was little (lot) more articulate.

But there is an old Rumsfield quote:

" you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time "

Roger Bournival said...

Let me know when the Republicans nominate the perfect candidate who fights back as hard as Trump does against the media.