Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Could we please not?

Hot Air: "Clinton Campaign, DNC Paid For Russia Dossier Research."
Stay tuned for another carefully crafted statement from Hillary as soon as her army of lawyers and advisers settle on the wording she will use. And Andrea Mitchell should stay by the phone in case Hillary’s people need to arrange an exclusive interview with a friendly outlet this week.
I'm indifferent to this story: Clintons are going to Clinton and try to win elections.  Is anybody surprised?  If anything, I'm piqued at the media where this was apparently an open secret.  It took a subpoena of Fusion GPS's records to bring it out into the open.


Roger Bournival said...

There's little doubt in my mind the WaPo was sitting on this story for months.

...and Anonymous can still go fuck himself!

Unknown said...

Why did the FBI keep funding the "research"?