Friday, April 14, 2017

Protest or a 2-14 record?

You make the call, America!  Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks player "Michael Bennett: Kaepernick Has Been Blackballed by NFL for Anthem Protest."


Roger Bournival said...

Most likely both - Kaepernick's play has fallen off quite a bit since their Super Bowl appearance, so it looks like he's shot his wad. Teams can put up with an asshole if he's good and productive, but he's neither of those things anymore. If he decided not to act like an ungrateful asshole, he'd still be a backup QB somewhere.

Eric said...

Personally, I think other teams don't want the distraction. I always wondered about Michael Sam who was openly gay. Was it that he wasn't good enough for the NFL or was it that teams didn't want to have to address the issue on a regular basis?

Kaepernick is just a lightning rod for controversy when teams are just looking for a good quarterback.