Monday, April 17, 2017

How to kill Obamacare: enforce the law

Washington Times: "Trump’s message to Democrats: Negotiate Obamacare, or payments to insurers will be cut."
President Trump is threatening to cut off critical Obamacare payments to insurers unless Democrats come to the table to negotiate a new health care bill, taking a tough negotiating stance that could force Democratic leaders into a government shutdown by month’s end.

At stake are “cost sharing” payments that Obamacare backers say are supposed to be made to insurance companies to cover their losses from low-income customers.

A federal court has invalidated the payments, saying the Obama administration spent the money even though Congress specifically stripped the funds from its annual spending bills.
Up until - let's say January 20th - Obamacare was kept alive by ignoring statutory deadlines and illegally shifting money between government departments.

Extra - From Instapundit.


The Art of the Spiel said...

Oh no! But is this negotiating stance as tough and unrelenting as the one he's taken with China? Or with Mexico? Or with Russia? Or with the Trumpcare vote itself?

Maybe he's been saving up his "A-Game" negotiation chops for the Democrats, who are already 1-0 against him on this very issue.

Trump: "I'm holding a 3, a 5, a 6, a 10 and a Q, and three of them are hearts. If you don't fold, I'll set my remaining pile of chips on fire."

Eric said...

If Social Security has taught us anything, it's that when an entitlement program is collapsing under its own weight, it's better to stand back than try to fix it.