Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The conspiracy to keep you poor and stupid

This doesn't surprise me one bit.  From David Thompson:
A couple of years ago, the then minister of education admitted that the aim of the regime’s policies was “not to take the people out of poverty so they become middle class and then turn into escu√°lidos” (a derogatory term to denote opposition members). In other words, the government wanted grateful, dependent voters, not prosperous Venezuelans.
Oh, but that's crazy Venezuela, you say.  But then the same policies of union patronage and terrible schools has bankrupted and stunted Philadelphia - but at least it has created reliable Democrat voters.  Doug Ross: "Cataclysm: 30 Blocks of Democrat Governance."
It’s a perfect storm of governmental incompetence, union greed, political corruption, parental disinterest, societal disintegration, and poor life choices, creating the downfall of Philadelphia and other urban enclaves around the country.
You'll soon have company, Detroit.

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