Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Voted into oblivion

George Will weighs in on Motown: "Detroit's death by democracy."
This bedraggled city’s decay poses no theological conundrum of the sort that troubled Darwin, but it does pose worrisome questions about the viability of democracy in jurisdictions where big government and its unionized employees collaborate in pillaging taxpayers. Self-government has failed in what once was America’s fourth-­largest city and now is smaller than Charlotte.
Detroit, which boomed during World War II when industrial America was “the arsenal of democracy,” died of democracy.
Don't worry: any similarities between Detroit and the United States are purely coincidental.


Bram said...

Same thing killed ancient Athens.

A serious historian who never makes asinine comparisons said...

Yeah, who can even tell the Macedonian Empire and Detroit apart? They're essentially twins.

We all know what really brought down ancient Athens said...

Don't forget the gays - Plato was queerer than a three dollar bill.