Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Rahm saw it coming

Back when he was White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel "begged" Obama to take an incremental approach to health care reform and pushed for scaled-down legislation that could gather bipartisan support.  The One responded that he "wasn't sent here to do school uniforms" and pushed forward with this monstrosity.

And now from Hot Air: "Great news: White House knew all along Obamacare implementation impossible."
Another point to bear in mind: this is the Obama administration’s signature accomplishment.  For the past five years, they have had no higher priority than to make this work, which at the time of passage they claimed would be nowhere near as complicated as their critics claimed.  Now they can’t even make the key employer mandate work after three years — three years in which employers and their employees have been forced to adjust to it by taking on more expensive insurance or cutting hours to their staffs.
As George Will recently noted, the implementation of Obamacare depends upon mass irrationality to work:

Just so.

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Anonymous said...

Has the dessicated husk of George Will ever been less relevant?

Next, let's hear what Robert Novak's ghost has to say about today's political scene.