Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The New Republic fell for a spoof picture of President Obama "shooting skeet" at Camp David.  This was revealing on several levels:

1.) As usual, the mainstream media wanted to rush to the defense of their One.
2.) Whoever posted the picture failed to recognize a picture that is regularly Photoshopped and ridiculed across the Internet.
3.) Safe in their Washington offices, separated from the icky gun culture, nobody questioned why Obama would be allowed to fire a shotgun without ear, eye, and clothing protection.


Anonymous said...

ask Dick Cheney

siacd999 said...

When the politician(s) who want to take your guns away are trying to convince you they're not trying to take your guns away, they always talk about "duck hunting" or "skeet shooting", and pose with an over-under.
Except for Feinstein or Daly. They'll gladly pose for the camera with heavy firepower, fingers on the triggers, pointed in unsafe directions.