Monday, December 10, 2012

The conspiracy to keep you poor and stupid - According to this Nick Kristof article in the NY Times, the slogan for some is "The Less You Know": "Profiting from a child's illiteracy."

Extra - Michael Barone: "Soul-crushing dependency."


The Right said...

A searing indictment of the utter failure of social programs. The welfare queens have packed their bags and moved to Appalachia, where the living is easy.

Let's end the madness of providing assistance to poor families with children with educational problems. It's destroying America.

We are so gonna kick ass in 2012.

Eric said...

Yes, that's the real story here: the political impact.

In Appalachia, they pull kids out of school and in urban schools they send 'em. Curiously: same outcome.

Anonymous said...

That's weird, I thought we only believed anything printed in the New York Times on alternate Thursdays and Maureen Dowd's birthday. Obama's reelection really IS uniting America.