Saturday, July 21, 2012

Obama runs his campaign like he runs the country - That is, massive spending to little effect: "President Obama outspent Mitt Romney 2 to 1 in June even as Mr. Romney far outraised him, according to campaign reports filed on Friday with the Federal Election Commission, leaving Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party with significantly less cash on hand than Mr. Romney and the Republicans as polls show a head-to-head race."  I suggest you ask your wealthy donors to pay more out of fairness.


Anonymous said...

The infamous "swift boat" ads made no initial impact on John Kerry's polling numbers. Long term, the story was different.

If short term change is your thing, the Obama-Romney national average is never going to excite you. However, Romney's favorability numbers have taken a sudden dip in several swing states in the last 3-4 weeks (Colorado, Virginia, Ohio). Concurrent with that, Google search totals for "Bain Capital" have shot up in Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina. Obama's campaign is surely ecstatic about the "little effect."

Megabucks Rogers said...

I come... from the future! Specifically, August 11, three weeks after this post.

We future people really get a kick out of that mid-July "wasted money to little effect" celebration. Kind of the "horseless carriages are a passing fad" of the 2012 campaign.