Monday, April 30, 2012

What Obama yelled to Hugh Beaumont while playing his 95th round of golf

"Fore, Ward!"

The Obama campaign finally released their slogan for the 2012 and it's "Foreward!"  To which I say, yes! Forward with the endless supply of material for ridicule!

I like this one: "Was 'Reply-All' taken?"
To which I might add: "Look forward but - for God's sake - don't look back at the past three-and-a-half years."  Or "Forward-looking...after blaming everybody in the past."
Or how about this warning of another trillion-dollar federal deficit: "Not to worry! Obama will just, uh, pay it forward.  Or rather, we will."
I like the socialist spin: "Just like China's Great Leap Forward, but in America!"
And if you want to get really old-school there's Stalin's Order #227, comrades.

I predict this slogan will go down the memory tube of bad ideas along with Dan Rather's one-word signoff:

Extra - Ace has more along with Gateway Pundit.  Forward in the glorious struggle!

More - RNC tweet: "Under Obama's budget, Americans can look FORWARD to $1.9 trillion in higher taxes."  Uh-oh, there's another hijacked hashtag.


Roger Bournival said...

"What's the frequency, Eric?"

Anonymous said...

Obama presents a vaporous slogan that confirms the existence of the future and nothing else. While Mitt "It's still about the economy, and we're not stupid" Romney offers a 20-year-old callback, while being oblivious to the irony of his embracing it. Truly we live in the age of titans.

Tippy Canoe said...

Pffft, Obama! What a sad, empty suit. There hasn't been a stupid "Forward" slogan from a sitting president in almost eight years.

When you're done chuckling, feel free to identify the most substantive and meaningful campaign slogans of the past third of a century.

2012: (Romney) Believe in America

2008: (Obama) Yes We Can; Hope; Change You Can Believe In; (McCain) Country First; Experience Counts; A Leader You Can Believe In

2004: (Bush) Moving America Forward; Yes America Can; (Kerry) The Real Deal; Let America Be America Again; Help Is On the Way

2000: (Bush) Compassionate Conservatism; Reformer with Results; A Uniter, Not a Divider; Leave No Child Behind; (Gore) Leadership for the New Millennium; Prosperity for America's Families

1996: (Clinton) Building a Bridge to the Future/21st Century; (Dole) A Better Man for a Better America

1992: (Clinton) It's the Economy, Stupid; Putting People First; (Bush) A Thousand Points of Light

1988: (Bush) A Kinder, Gentler Nation; (Dukakis) On Your Side; The Best America is Yet to Come

1984: (Reagan) It's Morning Again in America; Stay the Course; Leadership That's Working; (Mondale) America Needs a Change; Jobs, Peace, Opportunity

1980: (Reagan) It's Morning in America; The Time is Now; (Carter) We Did It Before, We'll Do It Again

...and so on.