Sunday, April 22, 2012

Reality intrudes at the Times - For a blog that is kinda dedicated towards the unsustainability of traditional entitlement plans from Greece to Medicare, this piece from Walter Russell Mead about the enormous bubble-bursting at the New York Times is delightful reading: "For readers, this is a fascinating and revealing glimpse inside the Times bubble. I am not sure which is more disconcerting; the deeply embedded sense of blue entitlement so palpably on display or the poor political judgement that led the union brass to think that releasing this video to the public would be good PR. Either way it serves as a powerful illustration of just how fundamentally out of touch many of the people working at America’s most famous newspaper have become."  The "living in a cardboard box and eating cat food" narrative is, well, just hilarious stuff for a media elite fed on Zabar's bagels.

Extra - Powerline: "Mind of the Times"

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