Friday, March 30, 2012

Things I do in the supermarket that drive my wife crazy - open thread

I need a break from politics.  Here are some stuff I do in the grocery store on those rare occasions when I'm shopping with my wife:

I'll hum a riff from "Brown Sugar," hold up braunschweiger and say "How come you taste so good?"  "Just like a sausage should."

In the detergent aisle: "Will I ever find Joy?"

In the cereal aisle: act like I can't find a certain cereal then say: "Kix just keep gettin' harder to find!"  Bonus more-obscure alternative: insist that I should pick out a cereal because "You shouldn't let other people get your Kix for you."

Also in the cereal aisle: "How come I can never find Regular K?"

Before it was discontinued by Nabisco, I'd turn the boxes of "doo dads" upside down so they'd read "spap oop."


Roger Bournival said...

You're just scratching the surface, mate...

I'm shopping some years ago with the ex-girlfriend and I hear this song, so naturally I improvise with my own lyrics, which she heard the next aisle over - "I wonder if I'm gay"...

Paul Sand said...

Dylan is more obscure than Paul Revere and the Raiders? In western MA, maybe.