Thursday, March 08, 2012

Maybe if you're the Osmond family and you're commuting to Topeka

Here's the smartest president ever yesterday:
Now, because of these new standards for cars and trucks, they're going to -- all going to be able to go further and use less fuel every year.  And that means pretty soon you’ll be able to fill up your car every two weeks instead of every week -– and, over time, that saves you, a typical family, about $8,000 a year
Now I could make the obvious joke here about how Obama reads whatever is on the teleprompter.  But at some point wouldn't we expect the President to review his speeches in advance and say: "Whoa, that seems awfully high for gas expenditures, much less anticipated savings."  Sadly, no.

Extra related - Ace: "This administration seems to have a very theoretical connection with reality."

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Anonymous said...

In the President's defense, he meant $800,000 trillion bazillion.