Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The word "abysmal" means both "deep" and "awful" - What's deeper than the "deep fiscal irresponsibility" of the Bush years?  The Mariana Trench of the Obama Administration.  But that's different because, um, Slurpees!

Extra - Dana Milbank "Obama's budget games": "The Washington Post’s Lori Montgomery asked why the projected debt had swelled by $1 trillion since September. Zients spoke about “differences in economic assumptions.”"  In other words: they made stuff up.

More - Weekly Standard: "The Cost of Obama."


Anonymous said...

Spending your way into a near-depression = the same as spending your way out of one. The New Math.

Anonymous said...

Digging a hole in your backyard=Digging that hole 50 times deeper, then burying your family, loved ones, neighbors, everyone in your city, state, and country at the bottom of that Pit. The Obama Economy.