Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No more bailouts...except for the auto bailout which was fantastic

Here's George Condon on February 28th in National Journal claiming that Obama's bailout of the auto industry will be a kick-ass issue for the election:
Democrats today are confident that the message of the UAW speech is not one just for the day of the Michigan primary. They believe - with good reason - it is one that will have traction in the general election, particularly in battleground states where the auto industry is inextricably woven into the local economies.
And today, February 29th, in National Journal: "Despite Detroit comeback, public opposes bailout"
A majority of Americans think the federal government should not have helped out U.S. automakers that were in financial trouble, but rather should have allowed them to go it alone, according to a new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll.
Thirty-six percent of Americans think the government should have provided help, but 55 percent think “these companies should have been allowed to succeed or fail on their own,” the poll shows. The results echo other surveys, including a May 2010 poll conducted by CBS News in which a third of respondents thought the government should have helped, while 61 percent thought they should not have.
It seemed only a month ago when some guy was reading off his teleprompter about how there should be "no more bailouts" and everybody should play by the same rules as long as those rules include paying off the unions and ignoring the tax code.

Now let's all buy a Chevy Volt!

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Anonymous said...

Eh, not so cut and dried, at least once you pass up the prestigious United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll for a polling organization people have heard of:

The takeaway from Pew respondents on whether the car loans were mostly good or mostly bad for the economy, in 2009 and 2012:

October 2009-- Good 37%, Bad 54%
February 2012-- Good 56%, Bad 38%

It must be noted that that's not exactly the same question as "Do you support or oppose the bailouts?" The same Pew poll also shows creeping ambivalence for the stimuluses, and intractability on the bank bailouts.

Meanwhile, Gallup currently has it as 51% against the auto bailouts, 44% in favor.

Three years ago, in advance of the second bailout, Gallup's results were much sharper: 72% opposed, 25% in favor.

Republicans need to strike while the polls are... well, not hot, but lukewarm. Every day that goes by erodes their advantage on this fading grievance.