Friday, November 18, 2011

Western Massachusetts makes OWS news

This is currently the top story on MassLive which is the main news site for Western Massachusetts: it's about some kid from Northampton who was on MTV because of his involvement with Occupy Wall Street.  These paragraphs are beyond parody:
His family owns the Easthampton restaurant Tavern on the Hill. He dropped out of Greenfield Community College, where he was an art history major. Amy Guyette, his mother, said he has only been home twice, for a total of about five days, since the occupation began.
“I’m just a middle-class white kid from Northampton, Massachusetts,” Bryan Guyette says in the TV show. “I’ve seen a lot of communities in my area become pretty economically depressed. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and that doesn’t seem fair to me.”
So, to recap, the art history major college dropout is raging against his family which owns a premier restaurant in Easthampton and clearly resides in the 1% he loathes.  Furthermore, young Bryan thinks it's unfair that the rich keep getting richer while hippies with green dye in their hair keep getting poorer.  You can't make this stuff up.


alskdj said...

When the lower classes protest: EEK, IT'S CLASS WARFARE!!!

When the upper classes protest: YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

Eric said...

An excellent point: which one is Brian?

Oh, I'm sure he's part of the 99% as long as it feeds his ego that he's "doing something." Come winter, he'll be rolling back into the 1%.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure he's part of the 99% as long as it feeds his ego that he's "doing something."

Wednesdays are for W.

Effete snob said...

You know who else is beyond parody? That green-haired, smelly, hacky-sack hippie Warren Buffett. And that lazy retired Philadelphia police captain who's been arrested at several protests and vows to continue... love it or leave it, Grandpa! Get a (nother) job! And the Iraq veterans and the old people and the clergy and the others who are less fun to turn into cartoon idiots.

Has it really been a whole week since was celebrating that hard-working professional complainer James O'Keefe?

Seriously, the dismissive "dirty longhairs"/"outside agitators"/"drug-addicted freeloaders" routine has already been tried. And it failed. The 1960s/70s kicked your butts. If you don't want to go 0-2, it might be time to think of a new act.

Eric said...

Well at least the longhairs in the sixties had a unifying theme: stop the war.

This group? Nobody knows. I think it's "gimme a dollar."

By the way, did you hear Warren "tax me more!" Buffett's parent company is suing the IRS to avoid paying a half-billion in unpaid taxes? That's SO OWS: all talk.

???? said...

Oh my stars and garters, yes! It's simply IMPOSSIBLE to determine what these people are doing this for! The mind reels! And if they don't even know why on earth they're there, how ever can we?

"Taking our country back," now THAT was a specific manifesto. But this "our economic system has become increasingly rigged against the shrinking middle class" jibber-jabber is ishy-squishy gobbledygook. Me no speaka da hippie!

Also, they're dirty, and there was this one guy who crapped next to a car.

Anonymous said...

Joke making the rounds: What's the difference between OWS and soccer?


Anonymous said...

Also, at soccer matches, the police try to STOP riots.