Sunday, November 13, 2011

Team Edwards vs. Team Stewart

This may not be of interest to most, but the NASCAR championship has (finally!) come down to two guys who are not Jimmie Johnson.  Heading into the championship race in Miami, only Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart are in contention; all others are mathematically eliminated and only three points separate the top two.  Essentially, this means that leader Carl Edwards has a three-position margin heading into the final race which, all things considered, is not much of a lead.

If I had my druthers, I would pick Tony Stewart although he's already won two championships back when he was driving the Home Depot #20.  So I'm going to root for Edwards to make his signature backflip next week.  Go Carl!  Win one for (bailout-free) Ford.

Extra - Evil scenario proposed by my son: what if Carl Edwards purposely crashed his #99 into Tony Stewart's #14 on the first lap of the race, incapacitating both cars?  Theoretically, Edwards would win the championship but with the same sense of sportsmanship that greeted Chick Hicks when he "won" the Piston Cup.

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