Thursday, March 03, 2011

We're all Keynesians kleptomaniacs now

It's depressingly familiar: another poll showing that – even as the country racks up record-shattering deficits – Americans of all political persuasions don't want to do a thing about spending.

Jeff at Protein Wisdom despairs: "And here we thought the country was ready to grow up" and Doug Ross follows up with a post titled "Poll finds lack of support for arithmetic, logic and reason."

As depressed as I was when Obama became President, I held out a long-expressed hope that only a Democratic President could reform entitlements, as "only Nixon can go to China." But it's now glaringly obvious that Obama is utterly and completely unserious about cutting the budget deficit in any meaningful way.

We're going to keep spending and borrowing and spending and putting it on the kid's tab.

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