Sunday, January 02, 2011

Feed the engineers - George Will argues that, despite budget pressures, federal funding for science and engineering should not be attenuated. Here's an eye-opener: "Annual federal spending on mathematics, the physical sciences and engineering now equals only the increase in health care costs every nine weeks."


Bram said...

Earth to George Will - this is the year we start killing off as many subsidies and stimulus programs as possible - not add more.

I meet many engineering students and interns. It is a popular college major because graduates can get well-paying jobs. No need for federal intervention here, thanks.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that "scientists" clean up there profession and kick all the global warming fantasists out of their profession.

After the Hockey Stick, and the the white washed inquiries that exonerated the climategate clique, science should be defunded.

No one believes your peer reviewed studies anymore.

Bram said...

In defense of actual scientists, most of those "studies" were not peer-reviewed. They refused to share data, assumptions, algorithms, anything. Kind of a no-no when claiming to use Scientific Method. And no actual scientist uses the term “settled science” to describe a hypothesis or theory.

Hulk said...

Hulk not like science. Observation of reality make Hulk's head hurt. Hulk smash thinkmen who hurt Hulk!