Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're going to make Obamacare work if it kills you - Like any government policy that runs against the headwinds of public opinion and the free market, the Obama administration is resorting to price controls to "make" Obamacare work. They won't and never have. Reason Online explains the pretzel logic of deciding if insurance companies are raising rates too much: "Unreasonable if excessive, excessive if unreasonable."

Flashback - And what happened in Massachusetts after price controls? Boston Globe: "Primary care doctors harder to find, report says." You can have all the inexpensive and available health care you can find as long as you can wait 50 days.


Anonymous said...

"A lawyer friend once joked to me that every time the government passed a regulation based around the word “reasonable,” it meant full employment for another class of lawyers."

Yeah, reasonable doubt, reasonable suspicion, reasonable expectation of privacy, reasonable bail, the reasonable person standard... nothing but sleazy money grabs.

The, er, Reason column builds to the italicized yelp of outrage: "The entire regulatory process is arbitrary." And that's the meat of it; another Galtketeer who's doubling down on total deregulation because the economy hasn't completely cratered just yet.

Eric said...

Reasonable waiting time to see a doctor in Massachusetts: 50 days.

Supply and demand? Pfffft!