Monday, November 01, 2010

Helpful household hints from the Viking Pundit

Every once in a while something happens with my car or around the house and I figure I should share in case there's somebody else with a similar predicament. Anyway, my gas range has one of those electric ignition knobs where you turn it until the gas lights. At some point, I spilled some liquid down by the ignition switch and the stove wouldn't stop clicking. The electric ignition would tick off every second or so and I had to throw the breaker to turn it off.

So I spent part of the day looking for a replacement ignition switch. But then I found that this happens when liquid gets near the ignitor, it will arc across the electrode. Long story short: I just needed to clean out the top of the ignitor and then dry it off with a blow dryer. Once the moisture was removed, the clicking stopped and the problem was solved.

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